The Best Exercises for Diabetes

    Having a disease like Diabetes makes you sick thinking that you cannot live a healthy life like others. Do you know except taking diabetes medication, exercise can also help you to make your life better? Exercise not only lower your sugar level but also reduce your blood pressure, boost your energy even you can take a better sleep. So, let's find out what are these exercises can make an impact on your life.


    Breast Walking

    Breast walking

    A breast walking of about 15 minutes every day not only reduces your sugar level but also gives you strength. You can also use gadgets to measure how many calories you have burned.




    Dancing is full of fun exercises. Dance with your partner or yourself every day 15 minutes can reduce your stress, makes you happy and makes you full of enthusiasm. 




    Swimming is an aerobic exercise. it is also called that swimming is the best exercise to make your back stronger. This will burn your calories, lower cholesterol and strengthen your muscles.


    Riding a bicycle

    Riding a bicycle for 30 minutes every day can help you in losing your weight, burn your calory without hurting your joints. Always prefer a bicycle or walk if the distance is short.



    Take the stairs instead of the lift to go upward or come downward in your work environment. This can increase your heart rate, burn some calory and makes you active in your work environment. 


    Strength training

    You can do some strength training exercises to get some strength. Start with lightweight. You can do some home strength training exercises such as:

    • Push-ups
    • Sit-ups
    • Squats



    This is the best exercise to reduce your stress level also strength your knees.



    The most ancient, traditional Indian exercise to strengthen your body and soul. You do stretching in most of the yogas which help you in building muscles and maintain your sugar level.


    Tai Chi

    The ancient Chinese art to control your body movement, increase your strength and reduce stress level.


    Aerobic activity

    5 to 10 minutes of aerobic activities can help you in building muscles, reduce stress levels, increase your blood flow in your vessels and much more. You can do some aerobic activity in your home such as:

    • Jump rope
    • Jogging

    Diabetes is a chronic disease you have to take insulin and medications for diabetes from an online specialty pharmacy for life long but regular exercise can maintain your blood sugar and fills you up with enthusiasm. If you do regular exercise then it is good but if not, start today!


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