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    Online Specialty Pharmacy in India- PillsBills

    PillsBills online specialty pharmacy is devoted to providing its highest level of care during every phase of your treatment. Through PillsBills online Specialty Pharmacy, we strive to increase the continuity of care and level of customer service you receive as a patient.

    PillsBills is more than a specialty pharmacy. We offer a specialized care for patients with complex chronic conditions through fast refills and free delivery service. It is important to choose a pharmacist who is a specialist for your medication needs. 

    PillsBills specialty pharmacy provide fast delivery of specialty medications to our patients under the supervision of a qualified pharmacist and well trained staff, we help our patients to achieve a healhy life in low cost. We support you in every single step of your treatment. Our comprehensive services include:

    • Specialised Pharmacists
    • Dedicated staff
    • Fast Shipping and delivery


    PillsBills is the first and trusted online specialty pharmacy in India which means PillsBills has specific policies and procedures for the patients to ensure that they have easy access to medications. We are fully committed to provide quality based, cost effective and transparent service to the patients. There are strict parameters to measure our Performance, Aaccuracy and Efficiency. Many patients and manufacturers recognize PillsBills Specialty Pharmacy as an icon in the specialty health sector.

    PillsBills Online Specialty Pharmacy’s mission is to provide affordable Health Care to the patients (living in India) with quality and convenient access to their specialty prescription medications by utilizing home-delivery.

    By choosing our services and becoming our valued member, we are able to offer you a wide range of clinical support to better optimize your medication needs.

    Specialty Medications

    PillsBills Specialty Pharmacy offers a variety of specialty medications. in order to get the chronic medication, you need a prescription given by Doctor only then we can fulfill your order. We provide medication for the treatment for the following conditions:

    1. Cancer Oncology
    2. HIV / AIDS
    3. Osteoporosis – Arthritis
    4. Hepatitis (A, B, C, D, E)
    5. Kidney Disease
    6. Diabetes
    7. Immune Disorder
    8. Skin Care Drugs
    9. Erectile Dysfunction
    10. Women's Health
    11. Antifungal
    12. Antiviral
    13. Hair loss

    and many more...

    Upload Prescription to Start Medication

    Your prescription is very important for our pharmacist in order to verify the medicines. After verification, your order will dispatch as soon as possible. 

    Refills your order

    You can set refill reminder by ordering medicines via PillsBills App. After every 25 days, you will get refill notification to reorder again.  

    Check Your Order Status

    When your item is dispatched, a parcel tracking number is mailed to you. So, by using this parcel number, you can track your order status. If you have any problem with that then please contact the pharmacy at 1800-123-6515.


    • Your medications will be shipped to you at no charge. please contact us to cancel the order as soon as possible to avoid delays.
    • Once we receive your order it will ship the next day as we need time to process your prescription. Express shipping is shipped on the same day depending on your location.
    • We will notify you if there is any delay from our side.
    • When you get your order, please check it if there is any damage or missing something and if so then it is your responsibility to contact pharmacy within one day after delivery order.


    Our Pharmacists

    Our pharmacists work closely together with our customers and medicine suppliers so if you see any side effect of any medication then please let us know and contact your doctor as soon as possible.

    Contact Us

    You can contact us via:

    WhatsApp: 9953330666

    Toll-Free number: 1800-123-6515

    Email: info@pillsbills.com. 


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